Our Five Favorite Food Mascots from S.F.

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Scott Beale/laughingsquid.com
We miss the Doggie Diner doggies.
1. The prep cook doggies at Doggie Diner (R.I.P.)

These pups from the defunct local chain were and are so beloved that they've had a great afterlife, including a historical Web site, a storied road trip slash documentary, and even landmark status.

2. The gun-totin' pickle cowboy at Mr. Pickles (3380 20th St. at Van Ness)

Earlier this year, bloggers across the city were alternately heartbroken and up in arms about the theft of this mascot from the Mission location. Thankfully, it was recently and anonymously returned.

The ever-lovable Mr. Higgins.
3. Mr. Higgins the kitty at Eddie Rickenbacker's (133 Second at Minna)

This 27-pound Hurricane Katrina survivor is this list's only living legend, but we just couldn't omit adorable Mr. Higgins. Our sister blog The Snitch recently learned on the low that he's a big draw for regular customers who have succumbed to his considerable feline charms.

Best not to mess with Curly.
4. The happy pink hippo at Hippo Burger (R.I.P.)

Another wistful icon of S.F.'s charmed eating past, Miss Hippo was a cute but not intimidating ambassador to this daunting palace of meat. SFoodie misses her -- and the restaurant's memorable Ice Cream Burger -- terribly.

5. The knife-wielding samurai at Curly's Coffee Shop (1624 Powell at Green)

Curly looks like he might cut you, but, really, he's just gonna fix you a killer plate of Spam and eggs.

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