Taco Truck Controversy with High School Close to a Compromise

The truck in question: About to undergo a one-block migration?
The great taco-maker conspiracy to turn S.F. teens into fatties has been settled, sort of.

Last week, El Tonayense truck owner Benjamin Santana told the blog Mission Loc@l that, starting this week, his taco wagon will most likely move a block north from its longtime location behind John O'Connell High School on Harrison near 20th St. The proposed new location -- reportedly only some 20 to 40 feet from the spot El Tonayense has occupied for the past 13 years -- is a compromise negotiated with the city's school district, the Board of Supervisors, and concerned parents. Reached by cell phone a few minutes ago, Santana said he was meeting with police at Mission Station and would have details later.

Early this year, Mission Loc@l reported that a 2007 city ordinance denied catering trucks to do business within 1,500 feet of a high school, out of fears that access to, say, tongue and grilled beef tacos would risk making teens pudgy (as if access to Hot Cheetos and biggie sodas wouldn't). Here's what SFoodie's Meredith Brody had to say about the taco kerfuffle back in April:

Cooler heads, who pointed out that (1) El Tonayense had signs up stating that they would not sell to anyone under 18 between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., (2) Only seniors are allowed to eat off-campus, (3) There are two storefront taquerias closer to the school's entrance, (4) El Tonayense makes excellent fresh food from good ingredients, as compared to the school's own menu, which features such commercially-made processed items as bagel dogs and "pizza dippers," whatever the hell those are, did not prevail.

Feel better now?

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