Sweet Beat: German Pastries Offer a Taste of the Street, and You Won't Get Arrested

Apfelstrudel (left), cinnamon star, and rhubarb tartlet.
If you haven't sampled the Mission's new underground pavement cuisine, now you can score a taste without flouting local permit laws. This week, street vendor Amuse Bouche began selling a trio of desserts via the neo-German deli Schmidt's (2400 Folsom at 20th St.). Like, in totally legit fashion.

Amuse Bouche often hawks mini muffins, chai, and apple tartlets from various Mission street venues. On Monday, he twittered this:
Come at Schmidt's (20th and Folsom, Mon-Fri 11am to 3pm) to taste my Bavarian style Apfelstrudel, Rhubarb tarts and Cinnamon stars.

We read. We headed straight for Muni. We tasted.

The strudel ($3) was charmingly home-style, a dense, layered slab of not-too-sweet. The flaky top layers crisped in a warming oven, and the tart apple slices were gooey with (total guess) vanilla-scented sour cream. The cold vanilla side sauce? Unbelievably perfumey. A rhubarb custard tartlet ($3) was a tad more subdued -- sweetened, nicely browned pastry with crunchy hunks of rhubarb and a sweet pouf of whipped cream. And the rustic star cookie skewed more citrusy than cinnamon, thanks to its brisk lemon glaze. All three nice. And as far as we could tell, nobody was at risk of being busted.

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