Sweet Beat: Boccalone Lard Shortbread from Humphry Slocombe

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Humphry Slocombe Boccalone Lard Shortbread Cookies ($3.50 for four). Available at Boccalone (One Ferry Building at The Embarcadero) and Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream (2790 Harrison at 24th St.)

Humphry owner Jake Godby uses lard from Boccalone Salumeria for these. You won't find a crumblier cookie outside the self-serve case at the panaderia -- break one and it shatters into a wrack of breadcrumb-sized pieces. The flavor is delicate, teetering on the edge of not-quite-sweet-enough, with the softest hit of rosemary (we're pretty sure it helps mask any lingering pork-fat taste). Slip one to you favorite lard skeptic (but not a vegetarian -- that'd be straight-up cruel) and behold the transformation.

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