S.F. Chef Falkner Takes on 'Top Chef Masters' with Boar, Beef Jerky, and Extra-Credit Cookies

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S.F.'s own Elizabeth Falkner (pictured, second from left, with Wylie Dufresne, Graham Elliot Bowles, and Suzanne Tracht) competed in last night's episode of Bravo's Top Chef Masters. And while she didn't win (that honor went to Tracht), the Orson/Citizen Cake maven's dishes were certainly memorable.

The episode's first Quickfire Challenge, taken from an early season of Top Chef, had the chefs hitting up vending machines to find ingredients to make an amuse-bouche. Falkner's creation: Braised beef jerky with orange juice-horseradish ice cream. Meanwhile, the Elimination Challenge required the contestants to cook for the writers of Lost from a list of stranded island eats.

Falkner emerged with boar cooked two ways (loin with an ancho and garlic rub and sous-vide tenderloin with an instant coffee rub, both served with a papaya and yam pudding). Unfortunately, the boar was subject to critiques of "boring," while the pudding was likened to baby food by critic Gael Greene and Saveur ed-in-chief James Oseland.

One of the sweetest moments of the episode, though, was when Falkner eased the tension amongst the contestants waiting to learn their fates by whipping up a five-minute batch of chocolate chip cookie dough. The chefs toasted each other with cookies fresh out of the oven.

Check out Falkner's exit interview after the jump.  

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