Movie Promo Brings Out Freebie Seekers to Mission Taco Truck

De La Paz Coffee Co./Flickr
The lure of free tacos brought 'em out to El Tonayense yesterday.
El Tonayense truck owner Esquivel Santana told SFoodie that Sunday's taco giveaway stunt brought out a wave of free-food junkies. The truck, which parks at Harrison and 22nd St., was part of a multi-city promo for Fox Searchlight flick (500) Days of Summer, a sensitive-slash-cute-slash-chuckly Zooey Deschanel vehicle about thwarted love. Cart vendor Crème Brulee Man was also also slated to take part in the promo, handing out 500 freebies at Dolores Park.

At about 2 p.m. when the El Tonayense handout began, about 50 free-taco seekers were lined up at the truck, according to Santana. Customers got the taco filling of their choice, along with a free movie tee. Some regulars were surprised by the free tacos, which lasted till about 4 p.m. But, said Santana, most customers showed up only for the free food.

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i came for the free tshirts!!! the tacos were okay. I am sick of reading about "how great" their food is. we know its good. my fav place is el grullense!!! I wish they had el grullense downtown SF

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