SFoodie Hosts Texas Taco Blogger in a Week-Long Crawl Through the Mission and Beyond

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Mando Rayo: The mask helps hide the salsa burns.
If you see this man around the Mission, promise you'll be nice. And offer him a Tums.

Austin, Tex., taco evangelist Mando Rayo is engaged in an epic taco crawl through the Bay Area, and he'll be reporting his findings here. At TacoJournalism, a blog of tacos and taco culture, Rayo collaborates with taco homies Jarod Neece, Cornbiter Deluxe, and The Commish. They've been featured in the Austin American-Statesman and at Austin360.com, in the "Best of Austin Chronicles," and as part of Austin PBS affiliate KLRU's Docubloggers project, chronicling life in Central Texas.

How will the Mission's monster blunt burritos sit with El Mundo de Mando? Will La Taqueria's mix of hipsters and Marina cuties seem totally lame? Stay screwed in right here. Check out the TacoJournalism blog, and pay a neighborly visit on Facebook and Twitter. Don't be shy: Let Rayo know what to scarf next.


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