Hot Meal: Breakfast at Little Skillet

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Here's our verdict on breakfast at Little Skillet (330 Ritch at Townsend), which the neo-soul takeaway joint in SOMA began offering just about two hours ago. The breakfast po'boy with scrambled eggs, squares of smoky bacon, tangy cheddar, and herbs: Fantastic. The floury, ciabatta-like bun was soft as ass cheek, the eggs

Warning: You will want this every morning
tender, and the remarkably sweet-smoky bacon carried the whole thing into daily-habit-that'll-give you-a-big-old-paunch glory. Only bummer: The house-made BBQ chips on the side, which tasted a bit like tired fry oil. Thumbnail-sized butterscoth biscuit bites sprinkled with coarse Maldon salt were winners, too. Way to nail breakfast, Little Skillet guys!

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