Doggy Bag: Today's Odds and Ends

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Our favorite morsels from the food blogs and beyond.

High on a budget: The New York Times filled up on foil-wrapped fatties over the weekend as part of its Save or Splurge travel guide (the save: less than $250 a day; the splurge: conspicuous consumption at Coi). According to Jaime Gross, it's possible to feast for less than $20 in the "multiethnic Mission District" -- as long as you stick to the burritos at El Farolito, Papalote, and El Metate. But what's with wiggy girl in the pic, looking equal parts stoned and funereal? And is she really dipping a tab of E in guacamole?

Stuff on bread: Hot Food Porn offers up a half-yearly meditation on food trends so far, including these: hot dogs/sausages, all types of tacos except Mexican ones, slow food in trucks, even slower food in carts, ridiculous ice cream flavors, shutting down restaurants, and awesome mini burger commercials. Allow us to add a few more: gin, pizza that just won't die, and public butchery. What's next? Um, more pizza?

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