Doggy Bag: Today's Odds and Ends

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Our favorite morsels from the food blogs and beyond.

Gas hog: We love the smell of subversion that hovers around a rickety street cart, but we're completely gobsmacked poring over pics of Maximus Minimus. Foodzie introduced us via tweet to the food truck shaped like a pig -- it started hawking pulled-pork sandwiches in Seattle earlier this month. The name references some yin-yang notion of spicy and sweet that sounds, frankly, like a late-night concept better carted away with the empties in the morning. But hey, no doubt we're merely jealous a fleet of pig wagons aren't leaking oil on the streets of S.F.

Trippy: At Bay Area Bites, Andrew Simmons shows why he just might be our favorite blogger of things edible. Consider yesterday's gnarled tour de force about local food site Weird Vegetables: Stuffed into the blog's strange sieve of language and thought, vegetables are not merely waxed, sticker-tagged produce; they are characters. Identities, needs, wants, and feelings squirm within their husks and peels as well as flavors and nutrients. Total Hieronymous Bosch freak-out.

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