Broke-Ass Stuart Goes Ayatollah on Us Over 'Broke-Ass Foodie'

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And you thought the streets of Teheran were bad.

Today, Broke-Ass Stuart launched a jihad against SFoodie for using the term "broke-ass" in a title for our cheap eats feature (Broke-Ass Foodie). On Twitter, BAS told his, um, 239 followers to raise a stink:

What's up with SF Weekly biting my steez? Get your own nick name!

And this:

they could've just asked me to do it. right? leave a comment and tell them they're janky :)

Read the comments from the faithful here.

Dude: We never lifted "broke-ass" from you. Like the approximately 808,737 other residents of S.F. who don't follow you on Twitter, we've been -- I know, inconceivable, right? -- unaware of you. Blame us for incuriousness, along with proprietors of the Web sites Broke-Ass Bride, BrokeAss Games, BrokeAss Gourmet, and Broke-Ass Student.

What went wrong, Stuart? You didn't always hate SF Weekly, especially when some former or current Weekly scribe who did know you wrote lines that ended up as cover copy for your BAS Guide to Living Cheaply in NY: If you don't like Broke-Ass Stuart and his guidebook, you and your Fromer can go *%$! yourselves ... We love everything about Broke-Ass, including his guide. It belongs in your bathroom. Don't give it to your parents.

What do you think, SFoodie readers? Should we turn away from our unwitting and -- okay, cliché -- use of "broke-ass"? Any ideas what our cheap food column should be called? Or is there room in this, er, tiny-ass city for both of us?

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