Bagelheads? No, Not Fans of Poppyseed, But of the Latest Body Manipulation Trend

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Bizarre Mag via The Frisky
Fancy a schmear of cream cheese with those?
Winner in the latest creepy new "beauty" trend has to be bagelheads. Let's sooo hope the Japanese body modification trend of injecting saline drips into one's body to form bagel shapes will not make it stateside. Heads, faces, boobs, and arms are reported to be targets for those embarking on this, er, unique concept. Any routine noshing on a Katz's, Noah's (if you must), or Holey Bagel may become mentally difficult if any bagelhead is within eating (read: gagging) distance. According to, the bagelheads "are injected by professional piercers in a specific location, which causes over-the-top inflammation and swelling. Then the area can be molded and dented in to their liking. Using food dye, you can even color your bump!" The bagelhead experience lasts for only one night, after the bagel bump loses shape and allows the skin to return to its normal shape. Oy.

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