Dried-Out Bacon? Nope, It's Bacon Jerky

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We'll never understand why certain things weren't invented at the same time: the telephone and the answering machine, for example, or TiVo and TV.

That thought occured to us when we learned that bacon jerky has just been unleashed upon an eager world. Hello! Bacon and jerky are two of the earliest forms of preserved meat -- they even have vaguely similar shapes. The leap from one to the other strikes us as a no-brainer: Dry the fat out of bacon and voila! Yet Wikipedia entry's on jerky lists beef, venison, elk, caribou, kangaroo, moose, turkey, ostrich, salmon, alligator, tuna, horsemeat, and lamb, without ever getting around to pig.

Luckily the folks at www.baconfreak.com have recently gotten around to pig. And in the interest of fine chawing everywhere, they're turning out bacon jerky in a number of flavors: Bourbon Street Cajun, Coastal Caliente Jalapeno, Rocco's Private Reserve Pepper, and Boss Hog's Honey BBQ, Hickory, and Maple, all hand-rubbed with spices. There's even a Summer-Flavored BLT jerky, and for those of you stuck on beef, a Bacon-Flavored Beef Jerky. Now you can chew the fat (er, fatless snack) until the cows -- we mean pigs -- come home.

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