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Our favorite morsels from the food blogs and beyond.

Doubting Thomas: At Civil Eats, East Bay eco-chef Aaron French is kinda pissed at Thomas Keller for his de facto diss of the strict constructionist view of local foods. If you can get Maine lobster delivered to your back door within a day, shouldn't it be considered temporally local? Locavores say feh.

Jackin' the Mike: It took us a day to chew on Eater SF's stalking of the Chron's Michael Bauer, publishing photos of the Gandalf-like food critic in venues as far-flung as the Minnesota State Fair (not kidding). Eater ends with a plea to photo-bust the city's whole cadre of critics, including our own Meredith Brody. Yeah, we get the point: A veteran like Bauer can't expect to be anonymous (especially in a fishbowl the dimensions of SF), so his reviews must be suspect (chefs are presumably stirring up special risotti just for table Mike). By that logic, Bauer would dish out only four-star reviews. But when he trashes a place (apologies to Acme Chophouse), or drops an established fave from his top 100 list, MB gets tarred as an unethical hack. C'mon Eater, critics are as flawed as anyone. And ironically, focusing a hot laser on Bauer has the effect of only boosting his importance.

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