Speaking of the North-South Burrito Wars: LA Had the Biggest One We Ever Saw

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Courtesy of AJ, via Yelp
I don't happen to be a burrito girl.

I like my carnitas, lengua, or cabeza as unobscured as possible by the burrito's inevitable rice / beans / lettuce / guacamole / sour cream onslaught, so I tend to order small soft tacos, which I make even smaller by dividing the contents evenly between the two tortillas they're served on, adorned only by chopped onion and cilantro. El Tonayense does 'em just great, as far as I'm concerned.

But Jonathan Gold's recent wacky screed against the classic SF burrito reminded me that in my impecunious college days down south I frequented a West LA dive called El Nopal, sadly now gone, whose sign proudly advertised it as "Home of the Pregnant Burrito."

It made our local burritos, however "especial" or "grande" they may be, look sick. I would take it to go, slice  right through its wrapping into thirds, and it would feed me generously for three meals.

And if you're in the mood for a further debate on SF v. LA Mexican food, look no further than the even-more-venerable, inexplicably beloved home of mediocre semi-antojitos, including burrito bombs: Tito's Tacos in Culver City. Oy! To be visited only when drunk.

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