San Francisco Restaurant Closures: April 2009


The highest-profile closing announced this month was that of Jack Falstaff (598 2nd Street at Brannan), which shuts after service on May 9th. The restaurant is home to well-regarded chef Jonnatan Leiva, who may be moving over to currently-closed-for-renovations Plumpjack Café - or not. We had a wonderful dinner there once, seated next to Willie Brown, who was eating fried chicken (as we were) and talking about securing stem cell research funds with his companions. Gavin Newsom (whose family co-owns the Plumpjack group of restaurants and related businesses) swept in with a group of attractive young people - he was between marriages at the time. He came over to Brown's table, and we were the inadvertent witnesses to a fascinating exhibition of Good-Old-and-New-Boy mayoral joshing.

Brick, 1085 Sutter (at Larkin) - re-opening as a branch of Fly Bar
Café Majestic, 1500 Sutter (at Gough)
Ginger's Trois, 256 Kearny (at Sutter)
Terrace at the Ritz-Carlton, 600 Stockton (at Pine) - now available for private party rental only
Tortas El Primo, 3242 22nd Street (at Mission)

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