Wine Contest Invites Tipplers to Wax Poetic About Their First Time

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Years ago, there was an interview with Barbra Streisand in which she described her first taste of wine as a kid: Ch√Ęteau Petrus in a Dixie cup at her uncle's pool hall. Now that's a story.

My first taste of the noble grape wasn't so noble. At 13, I snuck a swig from a bottle of homemade "dry" muscadine wine in our basement, given to my parents (Southern Baptist teetotalers) by a well-meaning Waldensian in our little town of Valdese, North Carolina. The wine doesn't bear description (let's just say it wasn't a vinis vinifera moment). But I didn't get caught.

Want a chance to tell your best wine story? Carolyn Jung's blog Food Gal is having a contest: Tell your most memorable wine encounter for a chance to win four food and/or wine books from Jung's collection. Deadline is this Friday, May 29.

The winning anecdote will be judged the "funniest, most touching, most original." Those adjectives may narrow your options a bit -- maybe you shouldn't wax poetic about that wine encounter that resulted in unintended pregnancy. On the other hand, if you can recall a story at all, you're probably not drinking that much wine.


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