Incanto's Budget Prix Fixe to Mine the Cooking of Italy's Poor, Plus a Cosentino Roundup

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Coming to a corner near you (maybe): Boccalone's panino express
Incanto chef Chris Cosentino told SFoodie the restaurant's summer prix-fixe menu series probing the food of Italy's poor was a way to focus on some of the peninsula's simplest and most traditional dishes. "Some of the best food came out of poverty," Cosentino said. Dubbed Cucina Povera, the three-course, $30 offering ($39 with optional two-course wine flight) is available Sunday and Monday nights, starting this week, May 31-June 1. Inspired by a different region of Italy each week, the budget menu will be available alongside the regular offerings at Incanto (1550 Church at Duncan). "We're just trying to give people a different option," Cosentino explained. This week's menu has roots in Lazio, the region around Rome: Pecorino-and-black-pepper-coated spaghetti cacio e pepe, lamb stew with lemon and egg, and torta with cherry conserves. Cosentino said he hasn't decided yet where the inspiration for next week's menu will come.

In other Cosentino news, the chef told us our tidbit last week about lard soap from Boccalone (Incanto's spinoff salumeria) was as premature as two-day-old salami. "The soap needs to cure for the right amount of time before it's ready," the chef explained, suggesting it could be many weeks before the porcine soap is for sale. Oops -- our bad! Put it out of your mind, everybody.

And check Twitter tomorrow to find out where Boccalone's bicycle sandwich cart will be. Boccalone shop manager Terry Curley will be roving the city tomorrow (downtown, presumably) on the company's delivery bike, hawking $8 prosciutto panino. You can twitter suggestions about which intesections you think Curley should vend from - though suggesting the address of your flat in Bernal probably ain't gonna fly.


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