Boccalone Set to Clean Up with Lard Soap

Soon, enthusiasts of Boccalone (One Ferry Building at The Embarcadero) will have something more appropriate to rub all over their bodies than the salumeria's still-new and delectable Nduja (a Calabrian spreadable salame with addictive spice and meatiness). Owned by Incanto's Mark Pastore and Chris Cosentino (the latter set to co-star in the upcoming Food Network series Chef vs. City), Boccalone trumpets a motto of "tasty salted pig parts," and will soon debut a lard soap. That's right: lard. The pig fat is said to produce a rich, creamy, and long-lasting lather, and is a good moisturizer. It's sure to be loved and controversial at the same time. Boccalone executive VP Tatiana Graf told SFoodie the soap should be available in about three weeks.

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