Happy Hour Freebies: Eddie Rickenbacker's

For years, I've been reading reports in local papers and online about the free appetizers at Eddie Rickenbacker's (133 2nd St). Since I couldn't find any mention of the deal on the pub's menu or Web site, I called to ask, and the bartender told me happy hour runs from 5 to 7.

Since at some bars the free food runs out before happy hour is over, and I've walked by the place and seen it completely packed, I got there right at 5. The server said there were no happy hour drink specials. The mojito had the place of honor at the top of the specialty cocktails list, so I gave it a try. The $10 price tag seemed a bit steep for happy hour, but it came in a pint glass, was made with fresh lime just and fresh mint, and tasted full-strength. With the mojito, I got the half a taquito and dollop of guacamole pictured below.

That was two bites, and that was it. I sat there for half an hour, finished my mojito, ordered a pint of pear cider ($5), finished that--no more food. I don't know if this was an off day or what, but my hour at Eddie Rickenbacker's would have been happier with a few more free snacks.

Still, I'd go back if I were in the neighborhood and the place wasn't too crowded. The prices are competitive for the area ($5 pints, $5-8 wine, $7-10 cocktails), and they have some good beers on tap, including Lagunitas IPA, Urquell, and Guinness. The atmosphere is campy and fun, what with the owner's collection of antique motorcycles hanging from the ceiling, his cat Mr. Higgins wandering about, and a pianist giving the lounge treatment such boomer-era tunes as "Stairway to Heaven."

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