CSA Adventures, Box 15

In this week's box:
  • asparagus, 11 oz.
  • salad mix, 9 oz.
  • green garlic, 8 oz.
  • tokyo turnips (first of the season), 15 oz.
  • chard, 10 oz.
  • spinach, 8 oz.
  • sugar snap peas, 8 oz.
  • radishes, 12 oz.
The huge radishes we just washed and ate with salt as an hors d'oeuvre. For variety, I also put out some smoked salt, which was pretty good.

I chopped the white parts of the green garlic, sauteed them in olive oil with chile flakes, toasted and ground fennel seed, and salt, added some tomato sauce, and simmered it for a while. Then I stirred in some shredded leftover halibut and simmered just long enough to heat the fish. Oddly, given the ingredients, the flavor was reminiscent of Thai catfish salad.

I peeled and grated the turnips, chopped the fresh onions from last week's box, sautéed those with salt in (just for variety) rice-bran oil, added the washed and chopped turnip greens, steamed those until almost done, added the spinach from both this week's and last week's boxes, steamed them until done, and added a teaspoon and a half of good cider vinegar to offset the spinach's oxalic acid. This went nicely with the fish.

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