Snacktion: Artisan Bakers' Potato Leek Quiche

Name: Potato Leek Quiche
Origin: Sonoma
Found at: Rainbow Grocery, 1745 Folsom, 863-0620
Cost: $3.25
Ingredients: Pastry flour, butter, salt, baking powder, cider vinegar, eggs, white pepper, nutmeg, milk, cream, potato, leeks, mozzarella, herbs (as listed on bin, not in order of quantities used)
Calories per serving: Not listed
Why I bought it: Potato, leek, and quiche are three of my favorite words, separately or together; the crust looked nice; and I was on my way home for lunch.
Tasting notes: I heated the quiche in the oven (though you can also eat it out of hand just as it comes), and ate it along with some radishes for contrasting color and crunch. The crust was indeed nice, but the ratio of potato to custard was off to me (too much potato), I only found two microscopic pieces of leek, and the whole effect was bland and starchy.
Would I buy it again?: Nope, but because of the good crust, I would try other items from Artisan Bakery.
What other blogs/sites thought of it: Somebody on Yelp likes Artisan Bakers' pumpkin teacake, purchased on site at their retail bakery, but nobody seems to have written about their quiche, which is also available in mushroom, tomato basil, and spinach feta versions, of which the spinach feta variety was on offer at Rainbow as well.
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