Oliveto's Whole Hog Dinners


From Tuesday through Friday of this week, Oliveto (5655 College, Oakland, across the street from Rockridge BART) celebrates all things porky with its annual Whole Hog dinners. As suggested by the name, the menu features almost every part of the pig, including ham, shoulder, belly, head, trotter, skin, ears, liver, heart, brain, tripe, kidneys, lard, blood, and spleen (milza in Italian), as well some wild boar. There are still reservations available, though Thursday and Friday are almost booked up. Most of the dishes will still be available on Saturday.

Here's the tentative menu:

Dry-Cured salumi
Soppressata, felino, Milano, finocchiona, vasca, salametto, nostrano, wild boar, crespone, piccante

Whole Cuts
Prosciutto, lonza, coppa, lardo, pancetta, salame cotto

Sweet salumi
Pâté capricciso, pork liver and sour cherry pâté, cicciolata, coppa di testa, mortadella

Offal and End Cuts

Fried pork trotter and brains with creamy aged sherry vinegar & herb sauce

Terrina of pickled pork ears with horseradish, celery hearts, and frisée

Warm antipasto of pork tongue, artichokes, and aged balsamico

Fritto of pork tripe, sweet onions, and cardoons with meyer lemon and caper mayonnaise

Spiedino of pork liver and fresh pancetta with roasted beets and herbs

Salad of pork kidneys, watercress, celery, chopped egg, walnuts, and creamy balsamico

Bruschetta di milza or milzschittensuppe

Blood pudding with pickled sour cherries and pine nuts

Sbriciolona: traditional Tuscan-style wild fennel salsiccia cruda with lard piadina

Panzerotto of pork liver with Barhi dates and arugula

Soup and Pasta

Pig's Head and farro soup with citrus zest and true cinnamon

Mostaccioli with guanciale and pancetta ragù, aged provolone

Canederli: Friullian bread and pork dumplings with pork & date sugo

Gnocchi del Cosentino with little pork meatballs

Pappardelle nero with pork heart and wild mushroom ragù

Paccheroni with wild boar spezzatino

Spaghetti with pork coppa confit, Calabrian hot peppers, breadcrumbs, and oregano

Cannelloni alla bolognese

Mezzalune of Savoy cabbage and prosciutto cotto with sugo di maiale and draped with lardo

Hot Specialties

Tofeja del CanavesePiemontese peasant braise of pork shoulder, little cotechino sausages, wild boar spare ribs, and pork skin rollattini with Borlotti beans
Spit-roasted pork belly with Sicilian nero d'avola gelatina, chestnut honey, Castelvetrano olives, and almonds

Spit-roasted brined arista with pickled sour cherry and pork liver bread salsa

Wild boar scallopine alla Milanese with meyer lemon, fried capers, and arugula

Zampone braised in saba

Choucroute garni with spit-roasted pork "pastrami," belly rib, and grilled classic frankfurter

Charcoal-grilled wild boar and wild fennel sausage with shaved fennel and blood oranges


Vegetable Side Dishes

Roasted beets and blood oranges
Chicories with aceto balsamico
Polenta integrale
Garden lettuces vinaigrette
Potatoes fried in pork renderings
Shaved fennel & puntarella


Rosemary sorbetto

Chocolate-caramel tart with candied pancetta

Seville orange gelato

Warm apple crisp streudel with candied bacon bits

Blood orange marmalade crostata with white chocolate- cranberry gelato


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