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It's been an exciting couple of days for those of us who have to forage for food in the somewhat sterile section of SoMa known as Mission Bay. Just last Thursday we got Tsunami, a new Japanese joint for after-hours sake and sushi. And yesterday The Creamery opened its doors on Fourth and Townsend (a lovely spot for those of us who wait in the cold for the 47, 30 or 45 bus lines). We'd been curious about the coffee house --which we'd initially thought would be an ice cream parlor or cheese stop with such a name-- since we saw it on Eater's Plywood Report in January. So we dropped by for some caffeine earlier today.  
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It was a cold, wet afternoon -- perfect for coffee in the cozy, modern ranch-styled setting. And while the Creamery's wooden chairs weren't occupied for long stints, the shop had a steady stream of foot traffic. (We assume people will linger longer once the owners install SoMa's lifeblood: WiFi. The folks behind the counter hope to get that up and running in a week's time.)

The menu was simple and the pastry selection on the slim side, but each get props for quality. Here are photos of each for your perusal:

To see if Ritual coffee lived up to the hype (note: it did), my companion ordered a cappuccino while I opted for a green tea latte. Each was wonderfully foamy, though my cup was more latte than tea from what I could tell. We sampled some biscotti and a large pumpkin muffin studded with raisins:

From what we could tell, The Creamery was off to a good start. But we're positive the harpies on Yelp will have a dozen things to say about that: already the reviews are starting to trickle in.

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