Humphry Slocombe's Foie-Gras Ice Cream Sandwich

Humphry Slocombe (2790 Harrison), as reported by Tamara Palmer in December, makes some very unusual ice creams. Undoubtedly the most eccentric flavor is foie gras, which the shop pairs with housemade ginger snaps to make ice cream sandwiches ($4).

Even tasting the ice cream by itself, I can't say I was able to detect any foie. If I hadn't known it was there, I probably would have guessed brown butter and salted caramel. It was a nice little tidbit, but for the price, next time I'd get ice cream instead.

Actually, I did get some ice cream, too, and was very impressed with the intense flavors, minimal sugar, and free hand with salt, particularly in the pineapple five spice and rhw balsamic caramel. To my taste, this is the best of the new wave of artisanal ice cream shops, which also include Bi-Rite Creamery in SF and Ici and Sketch in Berkeley. I was particularly pleased with the wide variation in texture among HS's ice creams, which ranged from sticky-dense to mousse-like (just like at my favorite gelateria in Rome), and with how they were served at just the right temperature for eating, neither icy nor melting too quickly.

Comments have been disabled on this post. If you have an opinion to share about foie gras, please see last week's Village Voice article, "Is Foie Gras Torture?" and post a comment there.

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