Costco Moment: Blue Hill Bay Whitefish Salad

Until this week, I had never eaten my fill of whitefish salad. At a deli or bagel shop you get a little dish or tub with, what? maybe half or three-quarters of a cup of the stuff? Even if I don't have to split that with anybody, by the time it's gone, I'm just getting warmed up.

Costco (450 10th St) to the rescue: the other day, I spotted this two-pound tub of Blue Hill Bay whitefish salad ($7.99). The Parve stamp and Brooklyn address seemed promising, as did the ingredient list: just smoked whitefish and mayo, plus dashes of potassium sorbate and nisin (benign preservatives).

And it was good: I put away about a pound. Once was probably enough for that kind of pigout; normally I'd expect a tub to last a few weeks, or to feed a crowd at a brunch or potluck. Now if only we had some real bagels around here.

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