Snacktion: Shakti Black Pepper Papadum

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Name: Black Pepper Papadum

Brand: Shakti/Planetary Products

Origin: Berkeley

Found at: Rainbow Grocery (1745 Folsom)

Cost: $2.99

Ingredients: Urd bean flour, salt, papdkhar, black pepper, asafoetida

Calories per serving: Not listed

Why I bought it: Previous experience has proved this crispy bean wafer that's a staple of most Indian restaurants to be a tasty and filling snack that only takes 45 seconds to prepare in the microwave (and only slightly longer on the stove). Shakti/Planetary Products also offers excellent ready-made Indian meals that always hit the healthy spot.
Tasting notes: Rainbow Grocery most often stocks the black pepper variety, but these also come in garlic and mixed varieties. The black pepper is especially intense and helps fool you into feeling full quickly. Add a lashing of hot mango chutney and some diced raw onions for more substantial Snacktion.

Would I buy them again? My cupboard feels naked when these aren't in it.

What other blogs/sites thought of it: Other opinions are yet to be formed, apparently.
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