Snacktion: Golden Phoenix Bakery's Hawaiian Cinnamon Bread

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Name: Hawaiian Cinnamon Bread

Brand: Golden Phoenix Bakery

Origin: San Francisco

Found at:
22nd and Irving Market (2101 Irving)

Cost: $1.59

Flour, water, sugar, eggs, margarine, cinnamon, milk, yeast, salt, vanilla

Calories per serving:
Not listed

Why I bought it: I've purchased this many times, but this time I had a house guest from the East Coast who had never tried nor even heard of the sweet, fluffy taste of Hawaiian bread.

Tasting notes: Those without an extreme sweet tooth take heed: The cinnamon part is actually cinnamon sugar, and lots of it. Now, I'm not saying one should consume this entire loaf in one sitting, but it really does taste best on the first day after it's been opened.

Would I buy it again?
Yes indeedy.

What other blogs/sites thought of it:
This bread does not appear to have fallen into the clutches of any sites that feel like speaking on it one way or another.
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