Snacktion: Popchips' Barbeque Potato Chips

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121620081532.jpgName: Barbeque Potato Chips

Brand: Popchips

Origin: Southern California

Found at: Other Avenues (3930 Judah)

Cost: $2.69

Ingredients: Natural potato ingredients (potato flour, potato starch), safflower oil and/or sunflower oil, barbeque seasoning (sugar, whey, onion and garlic powders, salt, torula yeast, brown sugar, tomato powder, yeast extract, spices, natural flavors, natural smoke flavor, citric acid, paprika extract), rice flour, salt, soy lecithin.

Calories per serving: 120

Why I bought it: I love potatoes that have been baked, fried, mashed, roasted and boiled, so why not popped?

Tasting notes: These have actually been popped rather than fried or baked, which might explain the vague similarity texture-wise to miniature rice cakes. Delivers a more satisfying crunch than most baked varieties I have tried and does take care of a chip craving.

Would I buy it again? Possibly, but not before I buy some of the good, old-fashioned fried kind. Lay's, I'm looking in your direction.

What other blogs/sites thought of it: They're not too popular with local Yelpers, although many of the commenters haven't actually tasted them and seem to take an oppositional stance just based on principle.

-- Tamara Palmer

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