Secret Suppers: Cheaper Than The Real Thing

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Thumbnail image for 5462_CoverLarge.jpgSan Francisco's underground food scene is alive and flavorful, and still thankfully peppered with secret affairs that even I'd never ruin by exposing. These tasty (and sometimes illicit) indulgences are rarely cheap, but Jenn Garbee's book Secret Suppers is a good holiday gift idea that is an affordable and satisfying substitute for those whose experimental food budgets are quickly slimming down.

Garbee's narrative takes her across the country (including a stop at S.F.'s Cook With James) to experience meals in all sorts of different settings. But the collected recipes from the various chefs all share a common spirit of playfulness, from date-stuffed hangar steak to oatmeal-infused vodka, and could provide a nice spark for executing new ideas in one's own kitchen.

-- Tamara Palmer

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