Alcademics: The School of Drinking

(Camper English photo via Cramper)

Alcademics creator Camper English would have been a great source for that New York Times article we just discussed. I've long been a fan of the San Francisco-based freelance writer and author of Party Like a Rock Star: Even When You're Poor as Dirt. But Alcademics, which is subtitled "The Study of Booze" and launched nine months ago, represents a new and smart level of focus for the witty English. It's not only good for him, it's good for our spirited culture, which, as we have just learned, is getting attention outside our area.

Alcademics showcases English's work in magazines like Imbibe as well as his roundups and analyses of other alcohol-related articles and news headlines appearing online and in print. He regularly drops hints about upcoming bars, drinks and trends, and also offers the A-Plus email list (sign up on the site), where he often gives away freebies from books to dinners for those aspiring alcademicians out there. -- Tamara Palmer

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