Snacktion: Trancetto

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trancetto.jpg Name: Trancetto

Brand: Balconi

Origin: Italy

Found at: 22nd and Irving Produce Market

Cost: $2.99 (10-pack)

Ingredients: Sugar, wheat flour, fresh eggs, vegetable fats, glucose-fructose syrup, skim milk, low-fat cocoa powder, powdered skim milk, milk proteins, flavorings, emulsifiers, raising agents, salt.

Calories per serving: Not listed

Why I bought it: It was a low-fat impulse buy from a place known to stock some consistently good Snacktion.

Tasting Notes: This sponge cake layered with cocoa will be gone in two or three bites max, so it's a good thing it is a 10-pack. It's very light, so you're not likely to regret it, either. The Italians have been hiding this treat from us!

Would I Buy It Again? Oh, heavens yes.

What other blogs/sites thought of it: I haven't seen this reviewed elsewhere.

--Tamara Palmer
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