Snacktion: Banana Mango OMG! Bar

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Name: Banana Mango OMG! Bar

Brand: Uncle Rick's Food Company

Origin: Stanford

Found at: Roxie Market (also available at Fillmore Fine Foods, Piccolo Pete's, GNG Liquors and the cafeterias of Cisco and Apple).

Cost: $2

Ingredients: Honey, oats, peanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, wheat germ, banana chips, dried mangoes (with sugar), brown sugar, vanilla extract

Calories per Serving: 233

Why I Bought It: OMG! I was excited! And it is locally/independently made (my favorite kind of Snacktion)!

Tasting Notes: Uncle Rick initially developed his bars for his father to enjoy healthier snacks after heart surgery, but got such good feedback from friends and family that he went into business. OMG! Bars meet the California AB12 nutritional guidelines for grades 6-12, and these would be a nice treat to offer at school. I enjoy that they are not gooey, sticky or too sweet. But they are slightly dry, so a favorite beverage should be its sidekick. Also available in mixed fruit, date & raisin and cranberry flavors.

Would I Buy It Again? Yes, and I have a feeling this flavor will still be my preferred version.

What other blogs/sites thought of it: This doesn't appear to have been written about by other sites or blogs.

—Tamara Palmer

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