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Last night, as the tryptophan was kicking in, we played Foodie Fight, a Trivial Pursuit-like game published by S.F.'s Chronicle Books. It was unexpectedly difficult overall, and we complained about that a lot, but there would always be an easy question or two just when we were about to get too frustrated.

Though I was soundly defeated, I'm excited to now know that tea is only grown on one plantation in the country, that Thomas Jefferson was the first president to hire a French chef for the White House, and that "nervous pudding" is diner slang for Jell-O. It was also fun to see the Bay Area make more than a few appearances in the question stack. Not always in the most obvious of ways, either. Examples:

What dressing, created at the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, is named after a 1920s play about hostages held by a group that believes in a goddess? [Answer]

What hip-hop group lent its song "Reanimation" to a TV commercial for Sunkist orange soda in 2005? [Answer]

What academic journal about food and culture was launched in 2001 by the University of California Press? [Answer]

What did Carlos Santana release in 2005 that wasn't music? [Answer]

-Tamara Palmer

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