Hot for 2009


(Image via River Glen Farm)

Next year:

•Eggs will make a triumphant return to the sunny side of frothy cocktailand

•Secret menu items and specials will proliferate above a whisper

•It'll be easier to make customizations/substitutions to a dining order

•Boxed wine (including juicebox-sized tipples) will break previous boundaries of taste

•The line between cocktails and desserts will blur

•Restaurants will try to befriend you on Facebook and Twitter (and give you free WiFi to accept right at the establishment)

These are just some of the food-related trends predicted for 2009 by local hospitality and restaurant consulting firm Andrew Freeman & Co.  and its annual consortium of like-minded professionals (the full report is on the company site). The year is already sounding delicious, isn't it? --Tamara Palmer

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