TiVo Alert: Oprah and the Omnivore's Dilemma

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(Photo via LisaLing.com)

By Meredith Brody

Tune in tomorrow (Tuesday, October 14th) to see investigative reporter Lisa Ling (who's kicked over the traces of the three years she spent as "the young one" on The View) educate Oprah on why it's important to know, as the teaser has it, "Why we all need to know where our food comes from," on ABC's channel 7 at 4 p.m.

Ling, whose website includes a mission statement -- "I want to raise consciousness about issues and stories that don't always make the headlines" -- is reporting on how we treat the animals we eat. From the video clip available online, it looks like some farmers (and farming practices, including egg production) will be put on the hot seat.

With Proposition 2 on California's upcoming ballot, which has prominent supporters on both sides of the issue, and the documentary Food Inc. still looking for a distributor, this looks like a timely show.

Here's hoping Oprah doesn't get sued by chicken farmers - when she said on her show about mad cow disease, a.k.a. BSE, that her new knowledge "just stopped me cold from eating another burger," she was sued by a group of Texas beef producers. (She won. But there was collateral damage: during the trial, she was counseled by one Dr. Phil. Look where that got us.)

We love you, Michael Pollan. We love you, Alice Waters. But when Oprah speaks, America listens!

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