Snacktion: Karums Curd Snack

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Name: Curd Snack

Brand: Kārums

Origin: Latvia

Found at: Europa Express, 1342 Irving (at 15th Ave).

Cost: 99 cents

Ingredients: Curd, sugar, vanillin, coating (butter, sugar, cocoa powder).

Calories per Serving: Unsure, but it contains close to 12 grams of fat.

Why I Bought It: Europa has a lot of intriguing Eastern European Snacktion, but this looked like one of the strangest of the sweet items. It also came in a few different brands, which made it seem less obscure.

Tasting Notes: It can be eaten out of the fridge or freezer; I chose fridge. It tastes sort of like a rich, tart cheesecake—fairly overpowering, so eating little slices instead of wolfing the whole thing down at once is highly recommended. Manufacturer Rīgas Piensaimnieks JSC, Latvia's biggest dairy company, makes Kārums in 13 flavors, including caramel, marzipan, cranberry, kiwi, raisin and the nebulous "nut."

Would I Buy It Again? Maybe; I could see it making an appearance at an offbeat potluck dinner as a sort of novelty item.

What other blogs/sites thought of it: DCist blamed the Kārums bird mascot when it had a bad experience with the vanilla version, which may have been expired, and praised the Dadu brand of curd snacks, which is one of the ones I passed up.

—Tamara Palmer

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