New York Press Part Two: Roz Chast's New Yorker Thanksgiving Recipes

Norman_Rockwell_1943_XX_Freedom_From_Want.jpgWe're a little late in slogging through our all-too-heaping stack 'o journalism, but we couldn't resist sharing Roz Chast's deadpan (pun intended) take in the red-white-and blue October 13th New Yorker (the Politics Issue (but aren't they all politics issues?), on what the economy is serving up for us.

There's Rare-Treat potatoes ("Six sweet potatoes, One can crushed pineapple, Your retirement account; Mix everything together. Bake until the account is completely melted."), Cranberry Surprise ("Two pounds cranberries, One cup stock certificates, torn into teeny bits, Cinnamon and sugar, to taste; Cook until everything is softened. Serve."), and my favorite, Turkey Stuffed with Seven Hundred Billion Dollars ("Large turkey, Seven hundred-billion-dollar bills, crumpled; Place the crumpled bills inside the turkey. Roast until all that remains is a pile of ashes. Enjoy!").

Not quite Norman Rockwell. Freedom from want, indeed! --Meredith Brody

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