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Food porn is a well-documented phenomenon. Less so is its predecessor: Menu porn. (Predecessor, because one must consult the menu before they get to the food.)

In some cases, menu porn might be visual as well, with pictures. But the hottest menus to me are the ones with artfully written offerings, whether it's a good description or a clever name. Consider these sexy items:


Sweet Ending

Assorted truffles & house-made cookies

Medicine New-Shojin Eatstation


A purifying cornucopia of seasonal vegetables steamed to perfection served with our house-made peanut sauce and germinated sweet brown rice.

Café Gratitude

I Am Effervescent

House gingerale [sic]

Fresh ginger, lemon, agave and naturally sparkling water on ice

If you have tips for juicily written local menus that make you salivate, leave 'em in the comments for me to check out. No other sort of porn, please. —Tamara Palmer

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