Friday Sundae: Jollibee's Halo Halo



Look, we can't be good and eat salads all the time, so we've created the new and recurring Friday Sundae to redress the balance and offer some sweet ways to kick off the weekend. Our first selection is an adventurous, yet rewarding journey: Jollibee, the leading fast food chain in the Philippines, offers one of the funkiest frozen desserts in town with its Halo Halo ($4.59).

Halo means mix in Tagalog, and this concoction is a multilayered sensation of ingredients meant to be mixed together, creating what a friend likes to call a sort of "trippy, sweet soup." A layer of condensed milk is topped with shaved ice, sweetened mung and white beans, ube (purple yam) ice cream and paste, langka (jackfruit) ice cream, leche flan (custard) and nata de coco (almost Jello-like cubes made from coconut water). It's fun to try all the bits separately at first before blending; be careful not to gobble up all the leche flan and nata de coco first, though. Jollibee is located at 200 4th St. (at Howard). —Tamara Palmer

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