Drink of the Week: Adina's Miracle Fruits: Super Acai With Purple Maize


Don't worry and be adventurous if the idea of corn in one's beverage isn't that appealing, for purple corn extract is actually the last ingredient on the list, rendering it basically indetectable except for in the psyche. There's actually more than a few different kinds of juice in this mix besides the antioxidant-armed açai and maize: Red grape, pear, apple, fig and lemon, plus purees of pear and banana.

Adina means life in Senegal, where the now S.F.-based founder Magatte Wade-Marchand originally hails. Her idea for a fair trade beverage company was realized through a partnership with Greg Steltenpohl, the guru of Odwalla. Adina has many noteworthy flavors, but other personal favorites are Lavender Lemonade and Spicy Ginger. The site also offers a number of cocktail recipes using their juices, teas and coolers. —Tamara Palmer

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