Scarily Good Local Halloween Confections


(Sugar Skulls by The Xocolate Bar of Berkeley)

By Tamara Palmer

Every year, at precisely this time, I lament the fact that it is not socially acceptable for childless adults such as myself to go trick or treating. If society were to correct this grave ill, here's what I'd ideally like to be handed when I knock on your door:

Recchiuti Halloween Motif Box


Michael Recchiuti's signature Burnt Caramel truffles are available online and at the Ferry Building retail store. Side note: I use his frighteningly awesome Burnt Caramel Sauce in all sorts of recipes where caramel isn't an obvious choice. I think it's an addiction.

CocoaBella Chocolates Halloween Small Box


CocoaBella has stores in Cow Hollow and the Westfield Centre downtown (as well as online shopping), and is the closest thing we have to a curated chocolate museum in San Francisco. This box (also available in a large version if you really love me) features handmade artisan treats from several countries.

Charles Chocolates Fall Edible Box


This one isn't strictly for Halloween, which leaves you plenty of time to get it for me (online or at the company's marvelous Chocolate Bar in Emeryville). This is great because you get to eat the box when you are done with the chocolates inside.

Those are my top choices, but I'll still take a Kit Kat if you're sharing.

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