This is Your Brain on Vegetables

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For those whose only prejudice is against vegetarians (well, I try to be tolerant, but they can sure mess up a dinner party and restrict the enjoyment of a restaurant when you’re eating out – i.e., my favorite response from one of my favorite vegans: “Is there anything you can eat, darling?” “Not on the menu!”): there is now a scientific basis for your irrational fear. An Oxford University study correlates brain shrinkage over time with deficiency in vitamin B12, whose best sources are meat-based, particularly liver, milk, and fish.

But, vegan and veggie guys and gals, don’t dive into the bottle when you hear the news. Regular drinkers (two a day) have 1.6% more shrinkage than non-drinkers. And pigging out is also not an option: the incredible shrinking brain is also linked to higher body mass index scores, with every one-point increase leading to a loss of 13 to 16%. --Meredith Brody

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