Drink of the Week: White Sangria at Azul

DSCN0256.JPGBy Jackie Lopez

After a foot-punishing girls' day out that includes some shopping on the Square, drop your H&M bags and head over to Azul for a white sangria.

Azul makes its brand of sangria with fresh seasonal organic fruit, Bacardi Rum and Chardonnay. I’m pretty picky with my sangrias because sometimes they’re too sweet or so fruity that you have to down four or five to get a buzz. It was with this mindset that I drained my glass at Azul, and boy was that a mistake. Let’s just say that sweet girly drink turned out to be a big bad bitch.

The first night I tried it, the white sangria was filled with pineapples, strawberries, mangoes, and a lot of citrus. And the second time I visited Azul, they had switched the fruit with apples, oranges, pears and pineapples. On both occasions, I could taste every bit of the crisp fruit, which was such a plus. And hey, it wasn't soggy!

I'm told this particular drink's been on the menu for six months and has become a favorite amongst the lady locals who think of cocktail drinks as therapy. This is definitely the sort of drink you'd buy for a date -- I can see it complimenting a pretty lady in a red dress like an accessory. Just don’t drink the whole thing very fast thinking you can take it easily, because like that lady in red, it’s going to be enough to make your head spin.

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