California Wine-O Efficiency Act

Being an efficient wine-o, reason suggests, means going to a winery.

Appallingly, however, becoming sloshed at one of California’s 2,700 wineries used to be an exercise in inefficiency...

State law allowed on-site wine tasting at wineries, but prohibited wine drinking. So while a customer could be served unlimited one-ounce glasses of plonk, the minute she bought a bottle, opened it and took a swig, she was in violation of state law.
So getting drunk meant hours spent two-fisting nearly-empty glasses, in hopes of achieving a woozy, but never happy, buzz.

Thanks to San Francisco’s role as a Mecca of do-gooder charities, however, help has finally arrived. San Francisco’s nonprofit Wine Institute has successfully sponsored Assembly Bill 2004, which legalizes on-premises personal imbibing at wineries. Now, drinkers needn’t sit around pretentiously snorting and swirling and chewing and smacking just for an excuse to get drunk. As nature intended, they’re able to open a vat spigot into their mouths until they pass out on the floor. --Matt Smith

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