Drink of the Week: The Knockout's Rootbeer Float


I swore off combinations of booze and cream liquors shortly after my 21st birthday when a well meaning friend bought me my first and last Irish Car-Bomb. The sensation of curdled Irish cream rocketing forth from one's nose with great force is not quickly forgotten. But I've made an exception for The Knockout's root beer float. It's made with Kemper root beer, vanilla vodka, cream liquor and, of course, a cherry on top.

The problem with most novelty drinks is that they'll give you a cavity before they get you drunk, but this root beer float is not too sweet and it will get you hammered. Stop by The Knockout on Wednesday nights and you can have a float with cheap, delicious, not-at-all sketchy sushi prepared by local sushi wizard Tim Archuleta. Sharing root beer float + $4 dollar sushi rolls = Best Cheap Date ever. --Andy Wright

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