Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em: City Supe Aims To Close Smoking Loophole


City supervisor Chris Daly is expected to push new legislation today aimed at closing the loophole that allows a handful of San Francisco bars to remain smoker-friendly despite the 10-year-old ban. That same legislation includes some pretty hardcore crackdown measures on smoking at farmers markets, in lines for events and ATMs, and 20 feet from all private building exits/entrace/windows. (via Examiner)

For all the smokers out there, here's a list of bars that still allow smoking inside. Go smoke the places up before it's too late!

  • Whiskey Thieves -- Tenderloin

  • Hemlock Tavern --Nob Hill

  • Summer Place Cocktail Lounge -- Nob Hill

  • Tunnel Top -- Nob Hill

  • The Cigar Bar & Grill -- FiDi

  • Mucky Duck -- Inner Sunset

  • Inner Mission Tavern -- Mission

  • Amber Lounge -- Castro

    Photo courtesy/The Chap

    -- B.B.

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