Economic Recession = More Fat People?


Damn you limited capacity for willpower! According to the New York Times, you can blame that impossible-to-shed 10 pounds on the economic recession, rather than the pint of Chunky Monkey and the bag of Cool Ranch Doritos you scarfed during the game last night (did you really have to eat the entire bag?)

Studies show that leveraging willpower in one area of your life often leads to dwindling willpower in others. Hence, sucking it in financially could lead to letting it all hang out physically, or you know, a heroin relapse. Pick your poisons people:

" ... activities that deplete willpower include resisting food or drink, suppressing emotional responses, restraining aggressive or sexual impulses, taking exams and trying to impress someone. Task persistence is also reduced when people are stressed or tired from exertion or lack of sleep."

The good news after the jump ...

Fear not, for though our stores of willpower are limited, there are ways to create more of it, in descending order of wackiness:

  • Exercise. Duh.

  • Focus on success. Whatever that means.

  • Eat foods that elevate blood sugar. (It turns out exerting self-control lowers blood sugar levels.)

  • Brush your teeth with your nondominant hand for two weeks. No shit.

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    -- B.B.

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