The Evil Lemon Wedge: 'A Witches Brew of Bacteria'

Staph infection? Fecal bacteria? I've never liked the ubiquitous lemon wedge that's always popping up in my glass of water at restaurants. Now at least I have a damn good reason. Researchers at Passaic County Community College in New Jersey sampled 76 lemon wedges from 21 restaurants and found that a whopping 2 out of 3 wedges had disease-causing bacteria.

Microbiologist Ann LaGrange Loving: "The very first sample we took was loaded with fecal bacteria."

Now if I can just figure out what to do about that lime wedge in my vodka tonics. It's a problem, because a vodka tonic just isn't the same without it. Oh well, maybe the booze kills the bugs before it gets to me. Here's to hoping! (via Slashfood)

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