Slurm: Not Just For Futurama Anymore


What is it with fictional soft drinks breaking into reality lately? First is was Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator, the future liquid of choice for all living things on earth (of Idiocracy fame), and now comes word that Slurm, (tagline: "It's highly addictive!") the official soda of Futurama, has been trademarked by Twentieth Century Fox for use in, well, just about everything drinkable:

“carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks; fruit drinks; fruit juices; mineral and aerated water; bottled drinking water; energy drinks; syrups and powders for making soft drinks and other beverages, namely soft drinks, fruit drinks and tea; coffee-flavored soft drinks; Ramune (Japanese soda pops); powders used in the preparation of isotonic sports drinks and sports beverages”.

Which gives me the perfect opportunity to share my favorite commercial -- possibly ever, for Brawndo:

(via Serious Eats)

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